Weapon XI: Deadpool

Thanks for looking!

High Res (please download!) :slight_smile:

Great job man, congratulations, really well done, that guy on your image is snake? he look so young, hehe. aniway amazing work here!

No its Deadpool. Great model and scene. My only crit is that the depth of field makes him look like a toy.

wow great job

Thanks guys. Yes, the guy in my Avatar is Big Boss, Snakes “father.” The image I created is of Deadpool from Marvel Comics.

Here’s a few more images.





Incredible, dude. I’m struggling my butt off just to do simple, low-poly characters from ‘Batman The Animated Series’, so this just blows me away.

Really nice compositing and modeling, and didn’t you post a wip on here a little while ago? And for some reason I was under the impression Deadpool was Weapon X…

Thanks guys, yes I did post a WIP a while ago. And in the Wolverine Movie they called him weapon XI?