Weapons and animations

Hey there! me and a friend is working on a Arena Shooter fps in Unreal Engine 4. We do it mostly for fun but if it turns out good we might try to get it upp on steam or something.

If we does we will all split the income if that should happend!

What we need is weapons for the game, we have a character that you can use for hands but if you can make a cool looking one that we can use instead of mine that’d be great!

If anyone is intressted send me a message! ^^

Kind Regards Tim Lundell!

I’m new in blender I want to join in your team

Hey Mark! Im glad you are intressted. Can you share dome of your work with me?

I’m new in blender

Hey Mark! Do you have any experience with 3D modeling?

Yah… I start modeling 3 days ago

Hey Mark! we are looking for someone with some experience in 3D modeling. we need the models right now.

Kind Regards!

How much salary?

I’m just trolling on you dude I’m actually have 5 yrs experience as a graphics designer😆

Stop doing that.

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