weapons (part of a larger project)

ok so for a larger project i probably wont finish… i have been working on some weapons, i needed a handgun, assault rifle (or SMG), and 2 knives (one large and one small),

i am doing all the models first, then the textures and such.

for the pistol i chose the beretta 87 target, mostly because i think it looks cool… and i have that model more or less finished.


and for the rifle i chose the FN SCAR-H, mostly for its practical use in the final project which i will most likely not get around to doing… but whatever…

and here is the progress i have on that so far…


if anyone has any pics of tactical looking military style knives, i would like to see them as i havent chosen a look for the knives yet.

c&c always welcome, enjoy.

I’ve always enjoyed the look of the black bladed Gerber that was standard issued to my step-dad when he was in the AF. It’s got a pommel capable of breaking bone/busting in skulls with enough force.


It kind of looks like that but longer blade, with an actual hilt and the rounded heavy pommel at the end of the grip.

looking nice, but what has it got to do with larger?

Midian: thats perfect for the small knife, i used to have a gerber knife, although it was slightly less awesome than that, it was great quality i loved it, im not quite sure what happened to it, im just going to assume a child is playing with it right now…

Iliketosayblah: there just going to be a to be used in a larger project i plan on working on, these are just the first peices im making, but im not really ready to release the whole idea for the project, its top secret stuff, sorry :frowning:

ill see if i can’t post the SCAR-h finished tonight if i get time, unfortunatly portal came out on wednesday, and i have pretty much been playing that non-stop, so ill do my best.

ok, i have finally finished the scar (without attachments as i have not yet decided what they will look like). tell me what you think.


as i said, i have not decided on the attachments yet, although i am thinking of going with a verticle handle on the bottom rail, mostly because thats what i usually see and i dont want a 40mm grenade launcher.

on the top im looking for an optical sight, nothing too long range or fancy if anyone has any ideas for that i’d like to here em, or rather see them.

and a flashlight attachment for the rail visible in the pic above, nothing for the other side. again any suggestions would be appreciated (saves me the time of finding them http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/smile.gif )

midian, i think i know the knife you were talking about, i checked out gerber’s website and found a knife called the silver trident, its got a black, fixed blade, standard issue in the special forces, and has the most durable handle on any knife in the world, its everything resistant, and the end of the grip is steel and can be used as a hammer apparently, which i assume means it can bash in skulls if necessary :slight_smile:

anyway, i decided to go with it, so here’s the model, get back to me if thats the knife you were thinking of.


Weapons look really good man. Really like the knife - very well put together.

wow! thats really impressive!

thanks a lot for the compliments guys.

as of now, im working on the second, larger knife, which i would have been finished tonight, except i took the wrong file off my laptop… and im far too lazy to go all the way downstairs now to get the right one, and im also working on a sight for the rifle, should post an update of the 2 in the next few days.

Mind sharing how you modeled that blade?

Haha, he can painstakingly model an entire photorealistic arsenal, but is too lazy to grab a file from the downstairs computer. I love it!
…I know the feeling though.

Very nice job on these!

Hey LordoftheRingsJunkie, ill do my best to explain, i cant use images because im not really at home right now, nor do i have access to a halfway decent computer.but i’ll try.
well, i would model all the flat surfaces first, the ones without inclines. then i would just extrude those edges to where the blade was ground down you’ll notice on knives, that there is a slope down to the blade and then there is a steeper slope that forms the actual blade i would move those edges closer together using axis-scaling and then make the final edge by extruding slightly, scaling together and removing the extra verts. to add the serrationsi took the blade and made 2 cuts, would use more if i made them rounder, made some cuts as to where the serrations would be, and moved them closer to the center of the blade to finish them.
then i would make all the weird connections from the flat surfaces to the blade inclines. like the curve from the flat part of the blade to the incline of the blade. i used the spin tool to join the flat surface and the blade’s edge, and then filled in the rest of the curve accordingly.
i hope that helps, without any pics. if not, i completely understand, i have never been the best at verbally explaining things. if this doesnt make much sense, tell me and when i can ill make a pic to explain it all.
also, i appolagize for the wall of text, that was probably a waste of time.
Quantum Anomaly:
really funny story actually, well sort of. yesterday. i started the new knife while i was out and saved it on my USB key and named it “combat knife”. i came home and started working on it downstairs on my semi-good comp, but i wasnt happy and restarted, and finished the main blade part. i saved it as “steel eagle” which is the name of the knife. i attempted to e-mail it to myself because my USB key was in the other room and as i said, im really lazy. so i attached it and clicked send, it didnt seem to work, so i clicked send a few more times, i closed the internet, and went upstairs assuming i would finish it tommorow, but then i couldn’t get to sleep, so i went downstairs and saved “steel eagle” on my USB key. i went back upstairs and opened “combat knife” and assumed i saved it on the laptop and copied it onto my usb key instead. while actually, “steel eagle” was on my USB key all along. then this morning, i check my e-mail, and find like 12 e-mails from myself with the attachment “steel eagle”
then i kicked a stud in the wall under my desk and hurt my foot…
anyway, now that i am certain i have the longest, most useless post in blenderartist’s history, i can stop talking.
and, i will finish and post that knife tonight, now that i know that its stored on everything in my house with memory…

that’s great stuff. Your “longest most useless post” cracks me up, I’ve done similar things before…often.

here is that second knife i was working on, now, only the add-ons for the rifle and im done the weapon models, woot.


hey guys, im back, and i have a slight problem, i did the front grip, and it looks ok, but i think there is something wrong with it, i just dont know what it is, if anyone could enlighten me it would be great…

also, i have tried for like, 2 or 3 days now to get the eotech 533 sight that ahau linked, but in none of my attempts have i gotten it to look right on this gun, it just always looks completely aquward no matter what i try.

so here is my proposal out of lazyness, please tell me what you guys think of the gun as it is, and tell me if it would be not too big of a sacrifice to just use the ironsights?


also, i recently found some pics without the verticle front handle, and with some rail covers on the side rails, which gave me an idea to scrap the verticle handle in exchange for a horizontal handle that doubles as a rail cover, as im sure there not very comfortable to hold on to.

what do you guys think about that idea, any thoughts would be appreciated.