web business ?

Hello , what is the methods for web business ?

affiliate program , ads , turbosquid , donations , …

i have a visa shopping card ,

there are two numbers , …

??? ???

like this , a friend of mine has told me that it is right to give the left number to somebody in order to charge it with money as a price of something “let’s say a bank” …

so , i don’t want to deal with paypal , i want it this way , what i’m asking actaully is this

sell models like those :-

Manga Head , 5.99 $


low poly hero\spy model : 12.99 $

those models are modeled a while back

what do you think guys ?

please help me and guide me …

Can’t offer any advice on the best way to sell your models, but you may want to work on the mesh topology around the mouth of the manga head, it doesn’t look that animatable.

yes , i know this i only made this model for a still image , actually it’s a year old !!! , stuff is different now , those are only arbitrary images …