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Hey guys

I’ve recently done some extremely low-poly and low texture resolution art for web gaming. This latest one is called Killstreak and consists of hand-painted styled assets - a style I am very fond of! It’s essentially a run-and-gun multiplayer shooter. Amazing what you can play in your browser nowadays. Was fun to work on although the final compression of textures, to fit on the browser platform, can be a little hard to endure as an artist haha. Modelled and textured in Blender, game engine used was Unity.

Give it a play here if you’re interested!

Here are a few assets to check out :smiley:


Ohhh… I like these. I really love the guns. Quite impressive how you kept a decent level of detail while still keeping them extremly low poly. I also quite enjoyed palying the game. I have to ask, does the game populate servers with bots if there aren’t enough players?

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Those assets are pretty cool, I just hope the game itself was more like Hotline Miami, from top down, and there was a line of sight/fog of war type of thing.

Hey Phil, thanks for the comments! Yeah it does populate with bots. Bots will always be cops, and players will start off as cops but within a game or two start looking different via the cosmetic system

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It’s funny you say that ambi…we originally were top down with Hotline Miami as a key inspiration. At some point we decided to try third person and it seemed to really work. That and the .io gaming market is quite saturated with top-down shooters, and not so much third person ones. Thanks for your feedback though!

Thanks, just curious. Having played the game for about an hour, here’s some feedback on the game itself. The sniper rifle is completely overshadowed by the revolver. That’s because the revolver can nail people from across the map while moving where as the sniper can only hit when sitting still. Add in the extra defense bonus you get from the revoler… and well, it means the sniper is almost never the better choise. Actually the pistols have a high enough fire rate that they seem to always be the best choise of weapon. I also found the shotgun to be useless. In the time it takes to fire 2 shots point blank with the shotgun you could empty your entire clip with an UZI and get a kill. I won’t say anything about the AK-47. Come on it’s an AK… anything other than over powered would be a crime. The leveling up system is really fun as well. I like unlocking new cosmetic items and upgrades for guns as I use them, though I think that the weapon upgrades could all be unlocked at the start and have a greater impact on how the gun handles, that way choosing the right ones makes a bigger difference. Right now the guns feel the same even after upgrading them. The final thing I would say is add ammo dumps. That way when I run out of ammo there’s somewhere to go on the map to get more.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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The Rayman style limbs are a good hack and still read well. Nice work.

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