Web-Page Password setup

(Theremin) #1

Could some tell me how to set up a password system (like at the member area at the blender website) for my own site?


(joecool) #2

I think there is a tutorial for this on the htmlgoodies site

(acasto) #3

You also have to decide how in depth and involved you want it to be. If just a few people and passwords, then it’s rather simple. But it is possible to get into quite a large setup and high level of complexity, rather quickly.

(Timothy) #4

hmm mod_auth_mysql :slight_smile:

(but too difficult for a beginner,… just use the one on htmlgoodies)

(Hos) #5

Just out of curiousity: do you actually play a theremin?


(Theremin) #6

Thanks for the help.

Yes I do play the theremin. I built one last summer. I have a recording studio in my basement and love to get and learn new instruments. The theremin is an amazingly fun instrument. If your interested the albumUnder the Parachutewas recorded here and has the theremin on it.

The album cover was even done in blender.

(Hos) #7

Hey cool – the tunes have a real kooky 60’s psychadelic garage sound to them!
Must have been a lot of fun recording them!

I have been casually shopping for a theremin for the last 6 months or so.
It seems like the Big Briar Etherwave kit is the one that most folks
on the net recommend, but it’s a bit expensive. I’m hoping I can latch
on to a local player before I shell out the cash and order one (just to
make sure I don’t hate it).

Which kit did you get?


(Theremin) #8

The Big Briar Etherwave kit is the one I got. They have a built one and one you have to complete yourself. The built one is more $. It was really easy to build, you just have to paint the box and connect some wires (for the tuning nob, volume, and tone). I even got a few videos with it that are really weird.

You will love it. Even if it is the hardest instrument in the world to play.

Thanks for the comment on the music. The song Spiritwood Lake is the almost all just crazy theremin sound.