Web Page

(steve343) #1

i am thinking of setting up a web page to post some of my work

3 questions
whats a good monthly band width?

whats a good amount of space i.e 300MB?

whats a good price?

can someon check out

(acasto) #2

steve343, how much bandwidth, space you need? I have my own webserver with about 10 gigs open and around 42 gig month transfer. I don’t know what yet to do with it and I’ve posted for suggestions on the forum, but no one has given many suggestions. I would be glad to help out the Blender community.

One of the main things I’m trying to figure out is how I can help cut some of the cost of the server because I got an excellent deal ($173/month vs. around $600 anywhere else) and I’m definitely going to keep it up for that price. I was thinking making either extremely cheap ($2 to $3/month) spaces, or pehaps offering a system in which to sell through the site, or even maybe if I offered something on my main site, the traffice generated by others pages that stumble onto my main one will be worth it.

I am just trying to think of ways to offset the price a little, not profit from it or even fully cover it. I don’t mind paying each month if it is a good thing and contributes to not only mine but others knowledge, and learning (ie: blender). Or maybe even setting it up to where whoever contributes something for the main whatever (tutorials, beneficial methods/tips, .blend files) to benefit us all in our Blender lives, gets space. I would like to not do monthly charges if possible because of Blenders large international community, it would be a lot of headaches with logistics.

Well, let me know what you think, I may be able to help you out.

(steve343) #3

thanks but i have no clue when it comes to servers could i have me own domain name and pay u for server space? oh and if u are woried about conversion rates just charge in the american dollar (dont know why they havent set up an internation internet curency yet).

by the way where do u live us,uk ??

(acasto) #4

sure, all you need to do is find a domain name and I can give you the IP address to point it to. Check out register.com they have it to where you can just buy your name, then enter the IP of your server and away you go. They also give you and e-mail box with your name. I have e-mail server, I’m just still trying to work the hows and whats for it.

As for the money, I haven’t done any international stuff, but do you have paypal over there (i think it’s international) well I have that set up where I can take credit cards ro whatever over it. Talk to ya later