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Okay, I know people are sick of my chit-chat threads so I’m going to be serious now, I need a website for my work and I don’t have any cash so it has to be free (I’m a student remember?) any suggestions?

P.S. Never in my life have I made a website.

i can give an ‘anti-suggestion’: Don’t use freewebs. It’s full of spam.

Alright thanks, I don’t want adds all over the place pop-ups and virusus.

lol…im using freewebs… and im o.k.
(windows pop up blobker = heaven)


Oh … oh ! I know this one !



Seriously though, just google for free webhost/webspace or something and you’ll find quite a few options.
It’s also not that easy to tell you which one would be best for you since you didn’t specify if you needed PHP, SQL, how much space and bandwith, that stuff you know.

Free domain hosting

Easy to make websites

Can we stop with this gay arsed “justfuckingoogleit”. I know I have posted it in the past and to my knowledge I was the first so i’m probabily to blame to introducing this disease into elysiun, but really, if you’re going to say it every single time you can, then it’s just not funny and instead you just look like an ass…

On another note, you can pick up hosting for less than 20$ a year now, so there’s little excuse for having to find a “free” host. Buying has many bonuses over these free web schemes so you are better off that way.


also, check out: