(bg3D) #1

Well, someone had to do it. I Just wanted to advise everone that
http://spevack.net/blengine/ has been updated.
Its got tons of great pics and games. It rocks!
Check it out! If you miss gramps, this is your turn to speak out. :wink:

I spoke with the legend(guy) recently and he told me that he was
“searching skating and journeying”.

  • little bg over and out

(blengine) #2

hey dont advertise for me! if i want an advertisement, ill buy some infomercial time on the public broadcast station, or sleep with the head director at Advertisement Inc. :wink:

I spoke with the legend recently

legend?..no just a guy… that adjective is out of character and should be edited out 8) but thanks =)

anyhoo, im still hanging around now and then :slight_smile: