what do you think?

Very nice. The modelling seems very accurate, though perhaps the usb plug is out of proportion with the webcam (unless it’s a tiny webcam).

Lighting is a little basic, looks like there’s just one spotlight at the moment. I’d try adding a couple of more lights, provides highlights for the objects and looks more ‘3d’. Try a sunlight with a lower energy to provide ‘filling’ light, and perhaps another light slightly behind and to the side of the webcam.

thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
yeah now that i look at it the usb plug is a little big…ill try to fix it :slight_smile:

On the cable going out of the web-cam I can see some edges. Maybe use (more) subsurfing or add some vertices by hand.

And yes, a bit more light would make the picture look better.
The three point light method ( would be imo a good thing for this image.

Otherwise that´s a simple but nice image. Keep on blending.