website links in the game engine??

is there a way to get website links like into a game so that when the player clicks it then it takes them to that website???

thank you

I’m at work, otherwise I’d post up a working example for you. There’s tons of python modules for dealing with web requests, I haven’t used any myself, but I think the webbrowser module is probably what you’re after. Here’s the documentation.

If not I’d suggest looking at the modules urllib and urllib2 - especially the function.

Or possibly download the mechanize module which also handles web requests with better cookie support than urllib2 (note, that you’ll need to include the mechanize module in the runtime folder if you want others to use it).

Then you just need to create an object with a mouse over and mouse click sensor and attach the website launch code.

Hope this helps!

this can be done with the python standard modules

you can use the “webbrowser” module to open your browser with an url.
the code would be something like this:

import webbrowser

if MouseClick.isPositive():“”)