I’m thinking of registering a domain and getting some webspace to make a website. Does anyone have any advice on where to use? There are way too many choices for me and I’m guessing that most of them are rubbish. I’m looking for something stable and reasonably cheap (preferably somewhere that lets me pay in pounds). I would like a reasonable amount of bandwidth. Anyone had good or bad experiences with particular companies? Basically I dont want to pay for something and then find out its trash.
Thanks a lot, desperandum.

Reblended site… look around, cannot remember the address now, kindly hosts some other elysiunners :slight_smile:


its www.reblended.com %|

http://www.myqth.com has hosted me over a year now, and I have no complaints. But you must remember, you don’t get personnel service for $48 a year. I think it’s a Finnish company… can’t remember. I bet they would except pounds, I won’t, I already have too many, trying to lose some… (gosh, I have my dad’s horrible humor! And can’t stop myself!)

The company connected to them, hostrout or something like that, will register a domain for like $15 or so, can’t quite remember… But the size is pretty good, 500 meg and … well heck, I just pulled this up:

500MB Disk Space
30GB Per month data transfer
100 POP3 E-mail accounts
Mysql Database
Control Panel
SSL Secure Server
Frontpage 2000/2002
Also available at $7.95 per month

I sometimes can’t get in, very infreaquently. It may even be my computer when that happens because I’ll get back to it again within a few minutes???

Anyway, I’ve been pretty pleased.