Wedding Ring Portfolio

I would very much like people’s opinions about the following pictures, trying to make them as realistic as possible

Nice work on these, the materials on the ring looks great.

The only constructive critism I would have is the cloth and ground on the middle photo. They look too perfect and clean, some kind of variations in the patterns or ripple would push the scene realism more maybe. Overall though, nice freaking work!

They look very nice already, but as you’re going for complete realism you may want to consider using an external renderer if you’re not using one already. Yafaray, Luxrender, and the new experimental Cycles are all free renderers Blender is capable of using. Give one of them a shot and see if you can get more realistic renders. Good luck!


It looks good, but there are a few problems with your ring material;

the main being the white window reflection seems to override the table reflection, is it a reflection texture? I think i’ve seen a tutorial that uses that method - it looks great until you put it in an environment (like your table).

also, the specular looks a tad wierd, i would turn it off.

but the first image is awsome, looks pretty realistic as well.

Simply amazing :wink: I love how the reflection is of an actual church and the heart shadown is very creative :slight_smile:

totally agree with him you should turn off spec. reflective metals dont have spec.
this might help :-

ill advise you to map some hdr reflections instead (mapped to sky) that would give you more realistic results.

leaving that totally awesome. :slight_smile: keep up the good work. :smiley:

I’d suggest toning down the reflections. The towel does need some slight imperfections. I’d say just make it not so flat under the ring.

What are these rings doing in second and third photo !?

I agree that you should look again at the reflections.

They seem too bright, and also may be showing errors of scale.
Reflections on large objects do not look the same as reflections on small objects. Set the scene scale to metres and ensure the rings are the same size in cm as real rings.

These are so cool! I love the shadows in the last! The first and the last are my favorites. I think the second to last looks a little too gravity defying to be real, but the wood on the table is awesome. PS I know nothing about blender…just commenting from a newb perspective.

It’s not that creative.

And the rings look more like amber to me than metal. It’s like there is some SSS or translucency going on or something.

Nice look but the chain in the second is a bit small looking.

yup i got the idea from google images :slight_smile: nothing wrong with that though right :stuck_out_tongue: lol and yeah sss was on but there was no translucency.