weeeee!...oops I mean Wii

Hi all,
This is my first real project - making a nintendo wii I’m going to be working on. Here’s my inspiration.
Here’s my first render.
needed more light and a little more color so this comes next…
any critique and advice would be very welcome I’ll be updating soon hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

currently nothing much to crit

LOL, before I read your post, I thought your first picture was a render you did.

i did the same nfollmer lol, its a good start try giving us more detail for us to crit tho :slight_smile: good start tho.


You have to model the nunchuck too!

Alright i need help now…For the CD drive I dont know a way that I can cut it out I really need help on this. ADVICE PLZ! (and yes i tried the blender knife script but i cant figure it out 0_o)

Baloon operations are a good choice.

what are Baloon operations (a tut maybe?)


Boolean operations are under Modifiers > Boolean. Keyboard shortcut W.

Will somebody just tell me how i can cut it out!!!
Never mind I figured it out ill post it soon.
here’s the latest:

So far… looks good… (i would have recommended extruding the region to the right size and extruding inward… but thats just me)

i think you’ll have fun trying to do the “hand strap”(personally i wouldnt trust it to hold up an atom)

anyway… i digress

Overall… nothing wrong so far…

(for the final render id say use indigo… give it that propper look)


lol…I wouldnt trust it either. I may need some help with the modeling of the controller. I cant get indigo to work on my computer, (help maybe?) so I was thinking Yafray.

what setup do you have

what do you mean by setup?
Here’s whats wrong w/ indigo…when I tried to install it, all of it worked except when you have to put the text file with a link to the python script or something couldnt figure out what the link was supposed to be. I’ll try to install again maybe.

Ahh, you have to give it the location of the exe in the indigo folder

(find it, right click, propertys… copy the target and add indigo.exe

for example mine is :

C:\Documents and Settings\Recover\Desktop\indigo_06\indigo.exe)

by setup i ment your specs

ok I did that now how do I open it in blender (cause its not under the render engine tabs)

Youll need to open the script window… then refresh the list then its under export

ok i got it but now how do i render with it (sorry i dont know anything)

you should see a menu… (see below)

it will then open the indigo renderer, and chug away for sever hours and be pritty


Im getting an error that says “scene must include at least one light source” when i have a lamp and everything