Weekend Challenge 110 (what people wear) Completely done!

“If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” -Carl’s Jr.

this was a fun project :slight_smile: I think it turned out well- what do you think?

1280x1024 Version
Crappy Version 2

Final Product: 800x600 1280x1024 Horribly Crappy Version (smaller Crappier SiZe)

(All done rendering!)

It would have turned out well, except for the OSA, the shadow, and the wrapping paper. Change that, and it’ll look good.

thanks… I forgot to smooth it when I rendered it :o
(turning on the lowest setting of osa makes it take approximately 15 more hours to render)

you have to be joking!?

not one of my images (ever that is) has ever taken more than an hour!

what is it with people (i dont mean that rudely) - do they not use advanced modeling techniques to optimize the render time and picture quality?!

anyway like the all great Robert said : “osa, shading, shadows, and wrapper” need improvement. :wink:

I think this may be due to using subsurfs too much. If you’re using subsurfing to create smooth edges on otherwise sharp edged objects, then you’re making a big mistake. You should just use bevel to create a rounded looking edge.

I’m not saying that you’re doing it the “wrong” way, but if you are using subsurfs excessively, I recomment you think twice about it first, because a round edge means nothing if you don’t use anti-aliasing.

As for your image, I think it’s it’s pretty good, but could do with a better wrapper and obviously osa.

It’s just using those 5-7 lamps with 3 samples on each, raytraced, along with a raytraced table and raytraced chairs… rendering at 1280x1024… it just slows it down a bit… try using bump mapping with raytracing :slight_smile: (see the table…)

Looks good in most areas, though see if you can increase light samples to get rid of the grainyness, and to reduce render time, scrap AO if you’re using it and try to avoid area lights except for sun light

optimise your scene for octree and then it will most liekly render in under 10 mins


what is octree?

It’s what blender uses to render scenes, Octree basically divides a scene into regions and renders only what is seen.

:slight_smile: Hi, prince, just in case you might have meant me, I did want to point out I didn’t make those comments above :slight_smile: (they were from a different user)

Nice entry DMBadCat! Very original! :smiley:

Best of luck in the WC!


thanks for all of the replies guys!

Final version finally uploaded! check it out!