Weekend Challenge #23, "HOME", is on!

(basse) #1

just a little advertisement, to get you people moving :slight_smile:

Theme #23 for 24 October 2002 is: HOME

Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 11 november 2002.



(9) #2

lol actually it is WEC 24 of the 8/11/02. This lazy Teeth only erased the topic!! (I’m joking of course :smiley: I pay huge respect to how can that guy handle all that! hat off!)
I take that pretext to congrats you basse, for your excellent “Blenderheads”. I bet they would have great success as logos or something like that. An international Blender Nation flag maybe…



(theeth) #3


/me runs to change it


(basse) #4

heh… and I just copied the stuff from the post… didn’t even check :slight_smile:

and thanks about the comments on Blenderheads… perhaps I blender couple more, and we’ll print some t-shirts, socks, underpants and weirdhats :slight_smile: