Weekend Challenge Special Edition #400 - Robo3Dguy's entry

Hey there! Seeing as the current WC runs for a whole week and that I’m attempting a rather complex entry, I thought I’d post up this little WIP to get some feedback from my fellow blenderheads as I make progress on my entry.

The theme this week is Centuries. As the entry progresses, you’ll see why it relates to the theme. Here’s my quick concept sketch (done in MyPaint):


This is a contest so I’m not going to tell you the details of what I’m making :smiley: But from the concept, you can see the render will feature flowers with human faces.

More progress to come :slight_smile: Happy Blender.

Started working on the face.


The geometry looks good from what I can see.

zeromath: Thanks! That’s good to hear.

I think I’m pretty much finished modelling the face now.


Finished face with eyes.


Working on the flower now…


Finished modelling the flower. Tomorrow, texturing!

(sorry for the bad clay render…AO was taking too long and didn’t want to tweak it any more)


You did a fabulous job Robo! Topo is near perfect and even untextured she’s creating quite the vibe.

Finished texturing. Next and final step is environment.


Mini update on the character…she is finished now :wink:

Quandtum: Thank you for the kind words!!


Started on the environment. Rocks…


A fungus-type-a-thingie-plant. All procedurals.


hmm, quite cool. really nice so far, i just dont like cliche concepts. maybe its just a personal cliche, but it’s kinda too late to change anyways :stuck_out_tongue: good luck though, it’s very good so far!



I think this came out pretty great! I don’t know if you play much with composite nodes, but I think playing with some RGB curves (on some render layers) might create some interesting combinations. A bio-luminecent version could be cool too. I really like how your model came out, they have a very natural personality. Well done!

Thanks Quandtum! Composition nodes are always a part of my workflow. I think achieved the ‘softglow’ effect I was looking for but ran out of time and energy while trying to figure out which colours go where and such. So I came up with this and submitted it. :wink: So I’ve learned lots and future renders will be better!!

rocks textures are procedural?
could you do a tutorial on procedural textures (i can’t even make a simple metal texture using procedurals

mikh3x4: The rocks are not all procedural. The colour map is image based but the bump map is procedural. I’ve found a pretty sweet way of making realistic bump maps pretty quickly and if you’re interested, I’ll whip up a little tutorial. The technique will make any image based rock texture look real (usually).

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Here’s the tutorial! Hope it is useful :smiley:


lol, awesome. The last preview of the material made me chuckle! Thanks for the tutorial.