Weight assignment problem

I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why I can’t get the base of a tail to connect with the torso properly of a character I am working on. I have tried everything applying and reapplying weight paint to the base of teh tail and teh torso. In upright mode and twisting, the tail works just fine attached to the body but when I put the character in squat as shown in the image, the base of the tail does not follow even though the weight is painted for that area. I am including the file if anyone would like to help. I have cropped the character due to file size.of the character so I could get the file uploaded. Thanks

Fix your weights. Take a look at https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?442741-object-lags-behind-bones&highlight=

Thanks I have been working on the weights to no avail, from the connecting bone to the tail root bone and it still seems to give me the image above. I will keep trying.

Thanks stiltrying for working to help me figure this out. As shown in the photo attached I have tried adjusting weight painting, adding or subtracting to the tail area and the adjacent connecting bones but I cant get rid of the kink when he squats. I have been using the method you gave in my previous post on another tail matter and thank you again. In the image you provided, were you pointing out a specific vertice that was the problem? I am still rather new to rigging and all but learning.

In using the method you described in the previous post I can easily see the offending vertices that tend to stay at the top causing the kink but in weight paint mode I cannot seem to get them to go down. Is there a way to assign those particular vertices a weight number to fall in line with the other vertices since I can’t seem to get them to go down in weight paint mode.

Never tried but maybe you can it by pressing N and ajusting on the properties panel (on the part showed by post #2 picture)

stilltrying… Found it. I knew it was a weight painting issue and used all the methods you described, but the tail is composed of a deform, mechanical and control bone at the base and somehow there was weight added to the mechanical bone causing the tail to deform when lowered. Thanks again

Great! On that control bone, make sure you do not have the deform check box selected. When you want to adjust several vertices, select the offending bone and change your weight paint brush to subtract (blend below the strength, not the brush to be linked). To subtract all weight set your brush to full weight and strength. Then use clean at zero weight to remove the vertices from the group that you have selected. Sorry for late response.