Weight paint always paints through.

Anyone else having this issue? I am using a build from GraphicAll (54141), this doesn’t appear to happen in official.

I’ve noticed this for some time in various builds but it wasn’t much of an issue then, I managed to find a work around in one case but on another mesh from within the same blend file this workaround doesn’t work, weight painting behaves as though occlude background geometry is always off. Guess I’ll have to adjusts vertex weights in edit mode until this is fixed.

Ahh, seems to be mesh specific, tried to check the data blocks and RNA to see any noticeable differences, couldn’t find any, but a mesh saved in an older version of blender seems to have different properties or something, its apparently tied to the object data, as creating new object and assigning the mesh data from the object that has the issues does not fix problem, where would such a property would be? I don’t think it has anything to do with the scene tool settings, as this appears to be working fine, I think it is mesh data specific.

I am probably wasting my time here -_-