weight paint fill

hi, is there a way to simply “fill” an entire object with a specific weight? like a keyboard shortcut or menu? also for vertex paint?

thank you

For weight painting:
Go into edit mode, and under the Object Data panel in the Vertex Groups tab, specify the desired weight on with the slider, select all vertices in your mesh, and then click the Assign button.

For vertex painting:

Set brush color, and in the 3D Viewport, press Shift+K

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thank you very much.

Sorry to be pita and bring this thread up again. I was keeping myself off the animation for a certain time.
Are things changed? I can’t see this slider or any other knob around doing assignment of weight for a selected vertex group.
3d view Weight Paint mode menu Weights - Set Weight (Shift-K) is greyed out all the time.
Blender 2.66.6, r.56187
Thanks for any help or pointers.

I had the same problem, this puzzled me a lot until i finally found by clicking around the interface that the option will be available only if you enable the “Vertex Selection Masking” button there :

SEt Weight / SHIFT+K will become available and will then apply to selected vertices (or vertex groups you select from the vertex group list), the weight you set up for your current brush.


Thanks a million, Sanctuary! Never would have had tried that probably - was looking around for something a bit bigger…
You say Groups - plural… can we Ctrl or Shift select several vertex groups, guess not now?

While you’re in weight paint mode (and with the vertex mask button enabled), look into the Vertex Groups panel, select one and click on “Select” , click on another and press “Select” again.

Now the SHIFT+K will assign the weight to every selected vertices on the 3D view, and so multiple selected vertex group at once.

But unfortunately, it will merge all the currently selected vertices into the latest selected vertex group, very very bad if you don’t want that, probably because it’s yet another unfinished Blender function.

Sounds like a new feature - Join Vertex Groups (you so carefully created beforehand)…Also, thanks again for reminding that Shift -K:
I was stumping and beating the Big Drums but weights kind of did not want to stick to VGs…Makes me wonder wasn’t there a space on T shelf for one more button?