Weight paint is wonky.

Hello everybody, could someone help me with this small problem I have ?
In these 2 pictures I would like for my vertices to go to the middle of the edges, so logically I would want 0.5 weigh (or thereabout)t on them, except that it moves only between 0 and 1 weight value. Any value that is greater than 0 will immediately give me a value of 1. In this example I used 0.33 weight value, however it moved the vertices as they were at value 1. What gives ?
Thank you for reading.

If that tutorial does not explain it well, take a look at this thread about normalized weights. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?417877-What-s-the-purpose-of-normalize-all

The vertices are only assigned to a single bone. Blender is treating it as a weight of 1.0 because it normalizes weights. Assign the verts to another bone that should have some influence on those vertices and assign a little influence.

Good luck!