Weight Paint mode bone selection problem

Hello there

I’m sure I’m doing something stupid but here we go.

I am attempting the excellent but mammoth ‘Introduction to Character Animation’ tutorial and have reached a problem in the weight painting section.

Originally, following the tutorial, I was able to select bones while in Weight Paint mode, and so paint the model. The suddenly, while going between Weight Paint and Poser mode, I couldn’t select the bones any more in Weight Paint: the armature is dark, and if you right click on it it selects the whole armature and goes into Object mode.

I downloaded the tutorial blender file which included the weight painting. At first, I could select bones in Weight Paint mode using this model, but after a little shuttling between modes I have the same problem.

I did get round it by selecting the bones under vertex groups but they are not all there and I think I might have mucked things up a bit.

Haven’t found anything else on this… Can anyone help.
Larryboy (using 2.42a)

Well sorted it out myself after scrutinizing the tutorial.

If you select the models mesh from Poser mode and Cntrl TAB into Weight Paint it works. If you go in from the Object Mode it doesn’t.

Lesson Learned :o