Weight Paint Not Painting Where Cursor Is

Hello, this has happened to me before and I am not sure of the cause. When I start to paint a weight map on a landscape mesh to use as a vertex group for a particle system it just doesn’t show at all some times, or in an area several inches away which makes it impossible to control where I want to paint.

I have tried apply all, my mesh has enough polys, it just starts getting buggy and unusable at times I have no idea what the cause is. Here you can see where my cursor is and where the paint ends up, that is if it paints. I can increase the brush to a giant size and nothing paints.

And here you can see I do not have symmetry on, yet this is the result I am getting. This is nuts, its been a long week and I am pretty brain dead right now, but there is something I have turned on/off or messed up and I can’t figure out what?!?! Its driving me mad.

Does anyone see any settings that are off? I usually leave everything at default except opacity when I need to better see underlying terrain. I believe it is basically the default settings right now.

Anyone come across this before?

Thanks for any help!

Just noticed if I copy the mesh to a new blend, delete my vertex groups and start painting a new weight map, it behaves normally. Is this possibly a bug?

…I may have just figured out the issue. I always set my clipping views to .001 start and 10000 end, I noticed I had an extra zero in my end making it100000. That seems to definitely cause an issue.

Increasing your clip distance by an order of magnitude will slow down your Z buffer by an order of magnitude, so yeah, I think that was your problem :slight_smile:

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