Weight Paint not saving.

Hi there.

I have been recently ripping models from games to port to different games as usable ragdolls. The problem is that when i weight paint a specific bone, save and quit, the weight “resets”, as in it basically goes back to how it was.

Anyone got any solutions???

I’m using and SMD exporter for the models, but are there any other exporters that export the mesh with the bones? OBJ doesn’t seem to export the bones.


bump. Anyone help?

Anyone got any solutions???
Any blend files ? Apparently not, so we have to rely purely on guesswork

bump. Anyone help?
A bump without adding any more info = bad manners

Sorry, im new to this forum.

When i save the model as a blend file, the weight paint changes work, but not as an smd format. Could that be it?

Do you normally hang out in forums with psychics? I would expect that any forum would need you to give information in order to get help.

Sounds like a problem with the exporter. Are you using the .smd exporter script from Valve? You may want to check here for help then: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Blender_SMD_Tools_Help