Weight paint not working well/Weights being weird

i’m a new blender user and this is my first time rigging a character.
weight paint does work, but the problem here is that every part of the body except what the bone is supposed to move is DARK BLUE, but certain areas that ARENT WEIGHT PAINTED still move.
i’m also a new user on this site, so i can’t really upload stuff like the blend/blend1 file etc etc.

Hi, and welcome to the BA community forum.
First of all you need to simplify your hand rig there are lots of tutorials on line.
Also the right hand bone sims to be missing on your rig?
And the fact that other parts of the mesh are moving suggest that you have accidental painted the wights on other parts of the mesh. And the left hand mesh is not connected to the arm so your weight painting needs to end before the arm bone not on it…
There are lots of wight painting tutorials that deals with that problem.
Good luck

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i used automatic weights
i completely forgot to mention that

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Yes, automatic weights don’t always works as expected you need to correct it manually.

the solution wasn’t because of weight paint accidents, it was actually due to the bones not being named properly. i forgot to give the palm and wrist bone a name. it’s my fault lol