Weight painting broken on one object only...

When I try to weight paint on all but one object in my scene, it looks like this (and works fine):

…but one object in my scene (the only one that I actually want to weight paint on) suddenly looks different from the rest (the edges of the polygons are visible) and the weight painting is completely unresponsive on it. None of the tools will do anything. I have tried completely removing the vertex groups that I’m weight painting on. I have tried downloading the latest version of Blender. The “broken” object looks like this when I try to weight paint:

Any idea what I have done to make it look different and not work with weight painiting?

You have ‘Face Selection Masking’ activated (the red dotted cube icon on the header), that’s why you see the edges and why you can’t paint over not selected faces.


Thanks! Sanity has been saved :slight_smile: