Hello everyone.

My problem is simple. I’ve noticed that weight paint doesn’t work in “gradient” manner anymore. For me it’s only value 1 or 0. What I mean by writing this is even if I paint part of surface with green, and other part with red they are equal to each other.

Painted plane.

I pulled painted plane up using single bone. You can clearly see that red and green are on the same height.

I thought that red will be higher than green. What I did wrong?

Thanks for hints!

All vertex weights are internally normalized. Thus, if a vertex is assigned only to a single bone, its weight is irrelevant (as long as it is > 0). You should see the difference assigning those vertices to more than one bone.

I added more bones to my geometry and still have the same problem. I can’t get eyelid to move smoothly as the weight paint suggest.

Ok, i got it. I just inserted the main head bone and now everything goes well. Thanks for clue.