Weight painting help

Hi I am extremely new to blender. I have come across a problem and I can’t find an answer for it. I mirrored the left side of my model to the right side and did something called clipping to have them stick to each other. Then I did the bones on the left side and duplicated (shift+D) and rotated them or something on an axis(I was following a tutorial) to the right side. The problem I have come across is that when I weight paint the left are the right arm gets painted on too due to the fact that it is mirrored. So now the left arm bone controls both the left and right arm. Is there a way to leave the right side of my model but remove its mirror modifier? Is there a way to paint on mirrors? Or is there a way to mirror a side without using the mirror modifier (probably the way I duplicated my bones, but you probably know a better way)? Thank you in advance for any response.

The mirror modifier mirrors everything. So what you’l want to do is be absolutely sure you’ve modelled everything you want to model, then apply the mirror modifier and move onto rigging/weight painting. I went through the same thing when I was learning to rig, hehe.