Weight Painting: Is it possible with low ploy character?


I’m just following the excellent BSOD character rigging tutorial and I am up to this section: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BSoD/Introduction_to_Character_Animation/Upper_body_weight_painting

I haven’t used the same model as I’m using my own but it doesn’t have as many verts as the example mesh and I finding it hard to weight paint the armatures correctly. Do you have to have a certain amount of vertices’s to have a more precise control over weight painting?


No, you could weight paint a triangle.

Have you created vertex groups ? Are these goups properly named after the name of the bones that is supposed to deform them ?


weight painting is in fact just creating vertex groups, what it does is assign a value between 0 (blue) to 1 (red) to a vertex for a certain vertex group. So in that respect, you could even weight paint a single edge, or a single vertex. Therefore you can’t paint in between vertex. If it’s that lowpoly you’re probably better of just creating vertex groups manually.

thanks for the reply but it doesn’t say anything about assigning vertex groups in the BSOD doc, it just uses weight painting.

Right the painting itself should be enough to create some vertex groups, sorry.
Then make sure that you have a bone selected and active (RMB) and that you paint on the vertices. Enabling the “Wire” button in the Paint panel of the Edit buttons will help to find where they are if this is difficult.
What else may have gone wrong ?
Set your brush somewhat higher than 0.000 (I suppose that your mesh is all blue?), the mix type should be to Mix, the Opacity somewhat higher than 0.000 and the “Size” enough to be visible…

You don’t even have to do that. In editmode, make a new vertex group and give it the same name as the bone it should be affecting. Then select the vertex you want to be affected, select the value under the vertexgroup tab, and hit assign. voila, your few vertex now have that value. For lowpoly it’s much faster than painting.

Here’s an image that better illustrates the problem:

I selected the bone and then painted I want to restrict the area that is painted but I can’t seem to make the painted area smaller?



First, the advice of FreakyDude was sound. Now…

Was (the button) “X-Mirror” of the “Paint” pannel activated?
Do you have a mirror modifier on that mesh?

Because of the asymmetry of the red color I doubt it. Then maybe you just went too far with the brush. Il is very easy to do when the mesh is at a shallow angle and we are painting. Then the colors don’t show as well as when we are looking at the vertices straight on.

Another possibility : your mesh is subsurfed with a modifier. Modifiers are virtual and we can’t paint on virtual faces. Only when the brush is hitting a real vertex is some coloring occuring. Either apply the subsurf modifier or deactivate its displaying in the 3D view with the second button next to its name in the Modifier tab.

When there is only a few vertices in a model, the display of the colors in Blender is quite unreliable.