Weight Painting: Models don't follow weight painting correctly

The teeth problem is solved.
But still having problems with ear bone.

I am still new to blender (15 years old) so I apologise if I am not using the correct language to describe some things.

I’m trying to weight paint a rigged dog and cat for animation, but the head, teeth, tongue, and eyes are having problems for both models.
The head is one object. The teeth, eyes, and tongue is a separate object in the same scene.
My problem is that the teeth, eyes, and tongue are not following the weight painting. I weight painted the teeth, eyes and tongue completely blue after automatic weight painting so I could set the bottom teeth to follow the bottom jaw/bone and the same for the top. (Top teeth for top bone)


Since the head and teeth are two different objects, they should not effect each other like this (That I know of, correct me if i’m wrong) and there is no red/orange colouring on the teeth that would make it come down like that.

I have the same problem with the ears (both sides). They are moving the back of the tongue outwards when there is no weight painting to effect it;


And the last problem is when I do weight paint the teeth/eyes, to do not follow how I want them to;
The eyes are coming out of the sockets and you can’t really see it in this picture, but the teeth do the same thing

And as a side note, the head itself seems to stretch around when I move the “head bone”. How do I make it so the head moves all together? I tight weight painting all of the head red but it stretches around.

If my explaining is not good enough, let me know.

For the teeth, try this :

Iin weight paint mode enable this button :

If not all face are selected (they should) , press A to unselect/select all

Now set the weight to 0 there :

Click on Weight -> Set Wieght (or press SHIFT+K) to assign weight 0 to everything that is selected and see if it prevent the teeth melting

I tried and it still does the same thing;

But thanks for that tip, I think it will come in handy for future use!

What is the weight for the face/nose bone? Try turning off “auto-normalize” and painti those teeth to the face/nose bone at “1.0” then go though the other bones and paint them to “0.0”. Then re-enable auto-normalize.

The “head” bone is supposed to move the head all together, so it can look right, left, up, down. The bottom jaw moves the bottom teeth, however it brings down more then just the bottom teeth, parts that I did not weight paint.
For the picture, I made everything 0.0 so you could see the problem parts that disobeys the weight painting.

Sorry, but I can’t find anything to turn “auto-normalize” on and off. I only found “normalize” and “normalize all”. Tried to look it up on google/youtube but the tutorials were too old of a version of blender for me to understand them. My blender version is currently 2.64

Can you post your .blend file? It is almost certain that there is some bone that has a tiny amount of weight on those vertices and it is the only bone.

The “auto normalize” checkbox is here:

I feel blind now-I was looking for a button, not a check-box, but thank you.
Here is the .blend attachment.
DogWeightpaint3.blend (1.9 MB)

It is as I suspected. Those teeth do not have a “proper” parent assigned to them. In the image below I’ve rotated the “face” bone up instead of trying to rotate the jaw bone down. I’m also displaying the weights for the teeth assigned to the “face” bone. There are no weights assigned.

To correct this problem you need to do the following.

Weight paint the upper teeth to have a value of “1.0” to the face bone.
Weight paint the upper teeth to have a value of “0.0” for both jaw bones.

Weight paint the lower teeth to have a value of “1.0” for both jaw bones.
Weight paint the lower teeth to have a value of “0.0” for the face bones.

This will correct the problem.

The teeth work now, I guess I missed some spots when I first did it.

But the ear bone is still pulling out the tongue;
And I used what Sancturary suggested; the “set weight” with all the tongue selected.

A quick tip for situations like this: in Edit Mode->Vertex Mode, you can check and edit the Vgroups of your active vertex-selection in the N-panel. The Vertex Groups panel should be right under the Grease Pencil panel.
The simple options to normalize and mass-copy weights manually are a really useful addition to the weight painting tools.

This is the nature of weight painting. You rig up your mesh then you go through the armature bone-by-bone and move them to their extreme ranges while looking for odd mesh deforms. When you find one, you correct it.

If a vert is getting moved too much by a given bone then 1 of 2 things is usually going on:

  1. You have too much weight assigned to the bone that is dragging the vert
  2. You don’t have enough weight assigned to the bone that should be controlling the vert

In this case you need to paint your tongue to be attached to the jaw bones and then zero-out any weight assigned to the ear.

Aha, got it to work!
Thank you very much-I don’t think I will have any more problems for this project. :slight_smile: