Weight painting not working properly while model is posed?

I’m working on a character and Weight painting doesn’t seem to work properly while it is currently posed. The painting references the model that’s in rest pose and keeps painting other vertices or none at all.

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Did you find a solution, I have the same issue…

I’ve had some issues with some modifiers. Armature, however, seems to be working correctly. Painting with mirror modifier gives me a lot of problems. If you have a mirror mod, try disabling that while painting. (Yes, that might mean mirror your pose to see your pose.) Think about any other modifiers you might be using, consider disabling temporarily any that you don’t need for weight painting.

I don’t remember having as many problems with it previous to 2.8.

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You saved me! this is it!

Here the solution in video for people who get the same issue in the future:

@bandages did you report the bug?

I haven’t reported any bugs related to weight painting. issues that I’ve seen have been sporadic and I never felt like putting the effort into creating a simple, reproducible example (or into dealing with the headache that is bug reporting.)