Weight problem

I got a problem, where some vertexs seem to be weighted to some bones, which they shouldnt, and I can’t see it, nor can I make the weight to 0. I have 2 pictures of the problem below.
Do anyone know how to fix this?



If you change the armature display to envelope, you´ll see how far the bone is deforming vertex groups. At the single bone icon, look for the distance option and decrease its value.

Thanks for the tip, but it doesn’t seem to help :frowning:

if the problem is not the envelopes ( you should deactivate ), the problem are vertex weight. what i mean is that, the color you are looking at is the value of the influence of the vertex. normally, if a vertex follow only a bone, it appears red, because the value 1.0 is represented by red. if the vertex have 0.5 to bone1 and 0.5 to bone2, it’s green, and so on. but this is only at best case. because, if you have paint some weights, maybe a vertex have a weight like bone1 -> 0.0, bone2 -> 0.01. the vertex is going to follow at 100% the bone2. it’s like blender make a normalization before the movement. so some advices:
1 .- normalize the weights to see the color in a good way
2 .- if you select a vertex , you can work with his weights manually ( without painting ) in the transform panel

hope useful

How do I normalize it?

in weight paint mode, with a bone selected, in tools panel, normalize all. dont forget uncheck keep active in the tool options panel (below)

I have solved the problem, which I did with weigh paint. I choose the bone I had made a “flip name” on, and by weightpainting with this bone choosen, I could solve the problem. I dont understand why I could do it by having this bone choosen, and not the other, oh well it’s solved^^. I hope you understand my explenation, if you where interested in the solution.

PS: Thanks for the help gmendieta altough it didnt solve the problem.