Hey! This is my new addon. The addon is designed to improve and simplify blender skinning. The main idea and the most important feature is the addition of temporary hotkeys.

For example, you are used to using the “Shift” hotkey as a “Smooth” or “Blur” brush (as you are used to, depending on the program). That is, as long as you hold “Shift” you have the “Blur” brush active, as soon as you release the “Shift” hotkey, your brush will return to the last active one.

Also with the “Ctrl” key, we are all used to that this key is needed for subtraction. That’s why I screwed the “Multiply” brush to it.
Can be configured in addon preference

I use my add-on at work and am ready to say with confidence that without it skinning into a “blender” turns into a nightmare.

But that’s not all! Those who know what skinning is, I understand perfectly well that when removing weight, you need to turn off “AutoNormalize”, otherwise you will get an unpredictable result, and where the skin will definitely break.
So I made it so that when using brushes that subtract weights, “AutoNormalize” will be automatically disabled. ‘Multiply’, ‘Average’, ‘Subtract’, ‘Darken’,

Then there are a couple of useful buttons:

On \ Off Fix Name For X Mirror these are experimental buttons, the bottom line is that if you have a skeleton with wrong suffixes, then symmetry will not work for you, these buttons control the naming of bones, or return everything to its original position. ATTENTION! These buttons are experimental, I don’t recommend using them, the addon has a skin mirroring tool!

Remove Empty Vertex Groups: speaks for itself. This tool removes empty groups. That is, groups to which not one vertex is attached.

Flip Name Vertex Group: This is a very useful button. It renames the group’s vertex from left to right or vice versa). An example of use is as follows. You have 2 gloves, they are symmetrical and it turns out that you need to skin only 1, and the second can be simply copied and mirrored. But the bones to which you skinned the original glove will act on it, To fix this, just press this button.

ATTENTION! before using this tool, you must fill in the Side Label: R L fields so that the script knows what and what to rename. If your bones are named Bone_Hand_R_ and Bone_Hand_L_, then you write in the fields R, L

Then there are generally 3 magic buttons!

All 3 related to the “Data Transfer” modifier.

Data Transfer: Creates a modifier on the active object (the one that glows brighter). What is the magic? Yes, because you must have 2 objects selected. 1 (source) is the one from which we copy 2 (target) to which (target is just active). But the modifier field does not contain source obj, but its copy, which is linked from the scene, and will not clog it. Thus, you will pull the timeline slider on and see adequate deformation as in the source, since the animation will not affect the real source, which is linked from the scene.

Transfer Paint: does the same, only 2 to this creates an additional vertex group. And adds it as a mask to the “Data Transfer” modifier. It is very convenient when you have 2 objects with different skins, but they touch in one place. For example, the wrist on the wrist of the jacket and the wrist of the gloves.

Mirror Weight: It’s actually a cannon! I have never seen a more adequate mirror! He only needs 1 object to work with. The bottom line is that it copies the active object, mirrors it, deletes the unnecessary half and then as usual. Creates a Data Transfer to the active obj and sticks our mirrored cropped obj into the source. It turns out that symmetry is carried out by transferring the weight from one side to the other, and he doesn’t care what you have with the mesh in the topology. And it works! And how)

The skin is certainly not neat, since I do not want to deal with the skin in my spare time from work. This must be a real crazy)

There are other features, such as changing the size of the brush while holding down the right mouse button, moving left and right, and the intensity while holding the right and left buttons moving up and down.

In the add-on settings, you can turn on the automatic activation of the tool when you enter Edit Weight

Well, good luck with the rest, and I’m tired.



I’ve been waiting for something like this for some time now. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. After install it messed up my short keys. G for translate didn’t worked no more all over sudden. And the weight painting didn’t worked either. shift+click didn’t smooth and ctrl+click didnt subtract. Maybe its a version problem, i dunno, i appreciate the effort tho.

Send me a video please.
Are you sure you hit the “Enable” button?
And please look carefully at the first screenshot in the description.

Just trust me without video. I can switch with shift and ctrl and it actually shows in the toolbar but painting on the model does nothing. If i click manually on smooth or subtract (by clicking on your lil button at the top) it works but the shortcuts (shift + ctrl) does nothing.

And yes of course the enabled button is activated. And thats another thing once activated it cant be deactivated.

ok, i well check it on 2.93.1

i used 3.0 alpha. build from friday

lol :joy:
I do not support alpha and beta )
I’m sorry friend, but it doesn’t make sense

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I tested in 2.93.1. The addon works great!

Doesn’t run in 2.93.1 neither. After install, in weight flow addon preferences it says error(check console) and there i see several pages of errors.


This tool is very useful.
I especially wonder why blender does not have a mirror copy button. Without this tool, I might not be able to do my job.

I have one question.
The ability to use the shift key to temporarily change a brush to blur mode does not work.
Specifically, while the shift key is pressed, the top left button on the screen is changing from brush to blur, but dragging the geometry is not reflected in the weights.
If I click to change to blur instead of shift, I can paint.
The same goes for the function to change to multiply brush with the ctrl key.
Do you have any idea what the cause might be?

The same thing happened in ver 2.93LTS and ver 3.0.

Hello! Thank you!
Please, give me you’r config files

I would provide the files if needed, but this time, 2.93LTS was newly downloaded to see if this tool works, so all settings are default.
So I loaded the factory preferences and Blur by Shift key did not work. (The only change of preferences was enabling the addon weightFlow).

I downloaded it from the following [Windwos Store].


Thank you !!
It worked with 3.0 and 2.93!

Oh, sorry, there is one problem.
I also frequently use the [Industrial Compatible] Keymap.
In this case, I use view3d.rotate by Alt + LMB, but if I check [Any] in weight paint as shown in the image, view3d.rotate does not work.
Is there a workaround for this problem?

Try this :

I have tried but it does not work.
I want it to work with [Shift or Ctrl or Cmd or LMB], but with the settings as shown in your image, it seems to only work with [Shift & Ctrl & Cmd & LMB] operations.
Therefore, even ONLY LMB cannot paint anymore.

Another thing I tried was to [Add New] a setting for each Shift and Ctrl, as shown in my image.
It worked fine here!
I will try this for a while. Thank you so much.

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