Weightpainting a human model

I just started to rig a human body model. Bones are looking well so far, but I have some difficulties to get the weightpaint/vertex groups right. Hard to explain: Something allways doesn’t move as it should or moves while it shouldn’t. I think I understood the basics of weightpainting quite well, but somehow I can’t get this rig to work right.

So my question ist: Does anybody know about a good example somewhere on the web, where I can see a well weightpainted human mesh, so I can get a bit of inspiration about what I am painting wrong?

Thanks in advance

hi Sonny,

Weight painting in Blender is a little tricky to understand at first because it has some unintuitive behaviours. If two bones share influence on a mesh and they are both 100%, then they will each influence the mesh a total of 50%. Painting one group up does not paint the other one down. You have to paint up one group, then select the other(s!) and scale them down appropriately. Which greatly increases the amount of work, and is quite frustrating on detailed or complex models!

When I was getting into weight painting I discovered this work flow was quite cumbersome, so I wrote a script for managing (normalizing) weights that you can get here. I also made this video to demonstrate basically how to use it. I use it frequently (since I’m constantly making characters) and it’s been invaluable.

If that doesn’t address your specific question, let me know.

Also, for examples of weight painting you can check out the rigs in my signature. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think that helps a lot. Especially it helps to know, that this task is REALLY complicated and not intuitive. So for now I at least know that I am not a complete dumbass and that understanding and mastering weightpainting takes some time.