Weird behavior of bevel weight in 2.63 RC1

Hi all,

I’m not sure that’s the good section to post this so feel free to move my post and apologies by advance. I tried the 2.63 RC1 for the awesome Bmesh and I killed faces of an old mod I did. I found a strange thing with bevel weight and rendering with bevel modifier.

I let you screenshots to explain : Just views to show you the modeling (capture 1 to 3) : (ok for the URL in this case ?)

The rendering : Capture 4.
I have weird triangles in reflections as with a bad modeling.

Without bevel modifier :
It’s less visible and I slightly change the angle of the view cause with the previous angle, triangles do not appear : Capture 5.

And now, the problem with bevel weight :
The edge I dissolved : Capture6. So, if I dissolve this edge, I lose the bevel weight as you see in the Capture 7.

Could be a bug or there’s anything I missed ? Thanks