Weird "blanks" around objects

I have a problem with random ‘blank’ lines appearing around objects after rendering. The weird thing is, it all looks fine while its still rendering but once its finished the part of the image its been rendering it seems to go over it again adding those blanks.
this is mainly the case with these trees here i got from this page:, but it also happens with a few other materials.
(the trees work fine in their original blender files)

Heres a render to show what i mean:

how can i fix these blanks??

Have you used the premultiply option in the Texture options?

I just tried turning it on and off, both times it gave me pretty much the same result each time.

Are you using 2.4x or 2.5x? Can you post the .blend?

I’m using Blender 2.53 beta.
Here is the link to the .blend file.

I’m having problems to get your file from that url. Maybe you can post some place else, such as You Send It…

Dont worry about that, I just stumbled upon a way to fix it :smiley:
For some reason its rendering each object by itself and compositing them back together after the render, so I guess it must have left gaps where the edges are being smoothed out by the anti-alliasing. Anyway, I checked the box in the anti-alias settings that says “Full Sample”, now everything is working fine.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile: