Weird Blender behavior

Last night I was modelling something that is part of another piece, I had moved it because the blueprint view was in a different place; I finished and moved it back, checking the location using N to make sure it was align, I decided to make a test render from a location where I could see the whole model, when I pressed F12 I got the view of the object I was modelling, pressing zero(0) I could only see the object. I tried moving the camera but nothing changed, then I decide to move the object and guess what? the “zero” view followed it! the object had become the camera! I had to duplicate the mesh and delete the original to fix the problem…weird!

Interesting, can you repeat it?

Also try this one;

Select the camera and hit Num 0

Then hit shift-F and move your mouse around in the window and see what happens. Also LMB and MMB.


Try selecting the camera and pressing Ctrl+NumPad_0

This action makes whatever you select a camera, which is useful for lighting.

Thanks guys! I guess I learned something new today!

also, Ctrl-Alt-0numpad goes back to the previous active camera.


thanks theeth! you know wath is the strangest part of this? I wasn’t using the num pad or CTRL/ALT, just the mouse and tab!