Weird bone orange outline - What is this?


I’ve never seen this bone orange outline in pose mode before, it is really annoying and it is messing with my animation somehow.
Does anyone know what is this and how can I turn this off?



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Would have to see the .blend file… Since your post count is low you can’t attach the file to your post, so you’d have to post it someplace like and give us a link. You may not even be able to pose a link with a low post count (anti-spam measure).

To up your post count, you could provide feed back on work in the works in progress, finished projects, or focused critique sections of this forum…


Oh, I didn’t know that! Thanks a lot!

Weird, I just ran into the same problem. It was like I was in pose mode and some my Object got selected. I got back into “Object Mode” and cleared all my selections then reselected my armature and when back into Pose mode. That seemed to return stuff to normal.