weird clipping plane appeared

While I was just about to hit render using the internal blender, i did a ctrl+b border render select to see if that worked with internal blender and bam my whole scene just totally messed up… I dont even know whats going on.
If you look at the attached screenshot, it looks like some plane is like…section cutting all my meshes, its really odd.

Its in the perspective view, camera view… but if i render, everything looks like normal.
If i export as OBJ, and import from a fresh startup file, i dont get the error.
Can anyone tell me whats going on?? im on OSX, v2.78…
I also attached the .blend file…



storageroom2.blend (3.11 MB)

You didn’t use the render border you set the clipping border
Alt+B to remove the clipping border (default shortcut) or ‘View / Clipping Border’ menu

OH! thanks for the quick reply. That worked…
I must have accidently hit alt B instead of ctrl B…ive never used the clipping border so i had no idea what was going on. :slight_smile: