Weird Error When Rendering

So I’m experiencing something weird. Why would an object look fine at the center location, but when at a very distant location it would look like there are tears in it?

I noticed this when working on a motion animation in which the camera travels through a terrain. I tried to figure out the problem by creating an object in a new blank scene with no lights. And got the same effect. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

Those are issues with the precision of the underlying mathematical operations. The further you are away from the scene origin, the less precise positional calculations will be, resulting in render artefacts.

Just think of it as this: Say, you have 5 digits to describe the position along one axis. The more digits you use on the left side of the decimal point, the less you have for the right side: You can use those 5 digits for a value of 1.2345 or 1234.5, with the former (obviously) being much more precise than the latter.

A solution for this might be to move the “whole world” instead of the camera, so that the camera and the “hero object” always stay near the scene origin.

If I were to parent everything to an empty at the world origin and scale the empty down could that work. I’m hoping that everything that I have animated will adjust itself appropriately. I’m not sure if the values for the intensity of the lights would scale. I will give it a try though.

Well that scaling everything with the empty to it didn’t work. But I did try what I think you recommended, I parented everything to an empty and have it moving along the Y axis the opposite values the camera is, so everything should be shot at the center origin. It looks messy with the relationship lines so i turned those off, but I think it looks like it worked. Next time I’m gonna have to work at a smaller scale or something so I don’t have to worry about this next time. Thanks. :slight_smile: