Weird eyes

I am modifying a model I downloaded somewhere, and I wanted to reposition the eyes. However, the way the eyes are set up here are unlike any model I’ve ever seen. Normally, I would have the sclera/iris as one object, and then the cornea as another object with a clear, reflective material. But I don’t understand how this model is set up to have both. In object mode, it looks like there are 2 objects, but if you go into edit mode the cornea disappears. What’s even more confusing is when you try to move the vertices, the cornea does not follow. Anyone have any idea how this is set up? (Blend file attached) (2.0 MB)

I understand that, but most of the models I’ve seen, had both in the same object, you can control the reflective material / roughess with an image texture…

I did not have any issues with the cornea disappearing…

This is a commun error, there is only duplicate edge loop that stay in the same place as another
try to hit f3 and “merge by distance”, it should fix your issue

When you enter edit mode, press ALT + H to show the hidden geometry.