Weird Face Render... [n-gons]

Wasn’t sure whether to put this into texturing, or modeling, but since there is, basically, no texture on the mesh, I decided to put this into modeling. The problem, as you can see, is that weird line that’s going to the bottom of the mag. If you look closer, you can notice some weird shading on the side right above the weird line. I’m 90% sure it’s because of the edge loops, which I was making like crazy :D. My question is: How do I fix this?

I’m not sure if the problem is texturing or modeling but I’ve heard there’s no texture on the model so it’s probably because of the mesh. I would look closer but there’s no image of the mesh, there’s no file, and mentioned additional detail is as visible as a fly turd in a dark closet.

Totally sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s a clearer view on the mesh, and a file going with it.


problem.blend (1.98 MB)

You have n-gons in the mesh and its not working to well for this model.

How should I go about it then? I mean, the mesh itself is just a beveled cube with some edge loops. Any specific suggestions?

You just need to get rid of the ngons. I did a quick elimination of the big one on the magazine.Real quick, spent about 1 min on it.
problem (1).blend (1.99 MB)

Thanks a lot. Then, Bridge Edge Loops it is :slight_smile: