Weird Face Shading Issue


I’m having a weird problem where things don’t appear to be shading correctly. While this image may look normal at first glance, this is at subdivision 3 on flat shading. It look a lot more…normal than that. You can really see what I’m talking about under the iris where 3 squares are randomly darker than the ones around it. It’s like the lighting engine is doing something funky. I will attach my blend file. I have already checked and this issue is present on blender 2.79 as well and exists on any matcap/render engine I choose. I don’t really care about losing progress (obviously), but I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong.


PS: If anyone who opens the file happens to have any critique on the eye itself I’d appreciate that as well. Been studying and practicing that shape for a while.

Eyes.blend (697.5 KB)

Your file seems to have no objects in it edit: my fault for opening in 2.79

Is there even a reason you’re using flat shading? Have you tried normal shading? Are you using Cycles or Blender Render?

Edit 2: Anyways, rotating the object in edit mode significantly changed the shading. I really really wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.
Bottom: prior to rotation. Top 2 images: after rotation in edit mode.

Thanks for the reply.

The shading after your rotation is still abnormal I think. The lighting should not vary that much from face to face.

I’m using Eevee but have switched to cycles and it does the same thing.

When I select smooth shading, the image obviously gets smoother but there are still noticeable ‘wrinkles’. See image below. If you compare it to how a smooth eye mesh should look at subdiv 3 there’s a night and day difference. It’s weird because the eye’s topology is actually quite clean and I can’t see any errors beyond me not finishing the outer eyelid joining. There should not be any wrinkles or bumps at this subdivision level for this topology at all.


edit: Interesting results if I bump it up to subdivision 6. Here you can clearly see something is way off. And this image is actually on smooth shading as well…


The problem went away when I reinstalled the latest version of blender 2.8 and worked for a few days. Then it started happening again.