Weird lighting and shadows

I need some advice/help because I honestly don’t understand what’s wrong with my model which paradox enginge can’t read it.
Apparently new users can post only one picture per thread so everything important is connected to one picture:

First part: that’s how it looks in blender, everything looks like I wanted it to look

Second part: that’s how it looks like in the game (see those weird reflections of light?)

Third part: in jorodox tools you can see that some faces reflect light more than other (and I don’t know why, I tried connecting them but when you convert .dae file to .mesh it just subdivides anyway)

I tried raising “roughness” in material properties but that didn’t help. I would apreciate any advice that could help me with this problem.

The game screenshot is too small, be hard to understand anything from it.
In Blender, inspect your mesh. Enable the Face Orientation overlay and check if all normals are pointing outside (if not, flip or recalculate them). If you have n-gons, split them into triangles. Or just use the Triangulate modifier (apply it) for exporting.

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Also check to see if you have duplicate, overlapping, faces or edges on your model. In edit mode press alt+h to un-hide any that may be hidden.

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