Weird lighting "steps" in light reflection

I get these weird lighting “steps” in my render and they look quiet unnatural. Im using Cycles as rendering engine.

I dont know how to fix it. Can anyone please explain how this happens and how i can prevent it in the future?
So apparently i cant upload files bc im a new user so uploaded a picture and the blender file to gdrive
Also im new to blender so please forgive me if this is a common issue.

Hi, @daniellez

Check your mesh - looks like geometry might be wrong, some additional faces inside this mesh.
Also, you can try - shade smooth, checking Normals orientation on those faces.
Which version of Blender do you use? In 2.80 you can go to Viewport Overlays and under Geometry check Face Orientation - if it is red, you need to flip Normals.

BTW: It would be easier if you upload .blend file to gdrive, instead of the picture - it’s hard to spot the problem, based on picture only.