Weird line in render

So, I’ve begun working on this project with a tree in it. Unfortunately, I keep getting this odd line like someone cut the tree with a chainsaw… but it’s odd, because it looks like it is actually overlayed over both the tree trunk and the background grass.

Any ideas?



Attach your blend file to your post or some other host site. Just having that screenshot is pretty meaningless.

Unfortunately, I cannot post the blend file as it is too large to attach and I am not allowed to post URLs. I would PM you, but doesn’t seem to work either.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be difficult :frowning:

EDIT: Ok, I scaled everything down and it went away. Must have been something odd with the camera clipping or whatever in the distance. While I guess it’s not really a “fix,” it’s good enough for now.


Try rendering with only one division (I’m talking about the X and Y divisions thing under the performance tab in the render panel. Try setting them both to 1. Just something to try…)