Weird memory use ?


I bake fluid, memory use is stable ~5,9-6Gb (blender uses ~5Gb)
For night i put my pc to sleep mode.
In morning memory use is stable 1.6Gb (blender uses 700Mb) baking continues. But i had display driver error and blender gui is white. I can get gui back by turning pc again in sleep mode and rewaking.

What u think of that, will sleep mode damage fluid quality?

I’m not sure, but I would think it would not bake in sleep mode. I would disable sleep mode but keep screen saver to blank.

:yes: Yes i can’t bake in sleep mode but my pc makes really mutch noise and i can’t sleep.

Anyway the fluid output was ok. Blender gui is up totay (not white).
I guess the hi memory use was maybe undo memory.

Of course you can’t bake. Actually you can’t do ANYTHING in most sleep states, or else it wouldn’t be called “sleeping”. Baking is a work-intensive process that is quite incompatible with something designed to cut power consumption to the minimum.

The 5GB memory was most probably used by the baking process. As for the drop to 1.6GB and temporary display problems, they were likely caused by blender (and parts of the system) being swapped to disk or something.

Sleep mode = PC off (but u can continu work):

  1. From memory (u move mouse to continue work in 1 secound)
  2. From HDD if u did pull off power cord (u press power on)

Power management in modern computers is done through ACPI. There are 4 sleep modes with different levels of power consumption each. Only the deepest sleep mode, ACPI mode S4, AKA hibernation, involves a powered down computer. In the 3 other modes, the computer is still on.
If you’re using hibernation, you can carry on your work after you power your computer on again. It’s as if you shut the computer down completely, power it on again and re-open your files. The operating system just does this automatically for you. That’s all.

Then you mean ACPI mode S3, AKA standby. In this mode almost everything is powered down. Everything is stored in the RAM. You can’t work from here either, unless of course you exit S3 and go back to the normal mode, S0, which is what you get when you move your mouse or press a key.

By “from HDD”, I guess you mean hibernation or ACPI mode S4. See above.
And you don’t actually pull the power cord to shut your computer down, do you?

The point is, when you put your computer to sleep (any state), the baking process (and everything else) was stopped. So what you did - putting your computer to sleep during the night - is completely useless and you’d achieve the same result if you shut the computer down, then, in the morning, power it up and begin the baking.

In Vista, when i press sleep all data is stored in memory and allsoo in HDD.
S3 is automaticaly S4 if PC looses electricity.

Thats good to know sleep mode is safe and i can continue work.

Sometimes i do pull power cord off (thunder). And sometimes i can’t turn off power from power strip button, because every power strip i have had (i can buy in my down) has same switch like on picture, (switch will turn back on or stay in between, 3 last models have had bad switch that will kick te fuses 50/50 when powering on):