Weird Mesh behaviour

There is this weird way the model is working
any help please

Hey @sdidd , welcome to BA :slight_smile: Could you add more details? What is your expected behavior, and what is the behavior you’re seeing? What steps have you done up to this point? Looking at your screenshot, I’m guessing you’re having some issues with your weight painting, but without more details, it’s hard to say

Hey thanks man

So as you can see when I enter pose mode and move the right hand it also moves some part of the pouch of omen
Same with left hand it brings out the whole belt with it. It’s like they got connected somehow.

And last the right foot, it’s just glued to the x-y plane and streches when I rotate the thigh in pose mode.

P.S. I’m new as you must have seen :smiling_face_with_tear:

Sounds like a weight paint issue. Here’s a tutorial on weight painting: You can find more in depth ones too. There’s no way to automatically get perfect weight painting as a general rule.

As for the foot being stuck, it sounds like your bone hierarchy is broken somewhere. Make sure your shin is parented to your thigh, and your foot to the shin, etc. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and you’re just trying to use a rigged model you imported, I’d suggest checking out his rigging videos as well - at least the first couple in the series. You’ll need to understand some rigging basics to debug the rig. They’re short.

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Ok will check out the weight video

But I imported a mesh and then used rigify to rig the mesh and did ctrl + p → automatic weights

Will tell if it works

Thanks :pray:

Ah, that’s your issue. Automatic weights always requires cleanup when the mesh is multiple parts (and still almost always even if they aren’t). The voxel weight heat diffuse skinning addon on Blender market does greatly improve the results, though you’d still have to do manual weight painting in some areas to get good results.

The first time I tried rigging it took days to get good weight painting, so don’t get too frustrated if it doesn’t go well when you first start.

The good news is if it’s rigify, the rig probably isn’t broken, you may just be using it wrong if the foot is stuck (unless it’s stuck because of a weight paint issue)

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Okay!! fixed the foot and maybe the belt but there is this weird part which comes out if i move the hand in pose mode.

You guys are amazing (: