Weird mesh glitch

Hi All,

I’m new to Blender, and to this forum, and it’s gone 4 a.m., so forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong place and/or any of the following isn’t as clear as it might be …

Here’s the situation: I’ve imported a posed Collada from Makehuman to Blender 2.49b, added textures, etc, added a rig and parented the mesh to the rig. Throughout this process, everything seemed fine, but after parenting the rig, this happened:

(see attachments below)

There’s no picture, but they appear twisted like this in render as well.

While I was adding the armature to the feet they were fine, and I didn’t notice any problems when I duplicated and mirrored the completed (left side) armature, so I’m thinking that whatever caused the feet to get twisted around like this happened when I parented the mesh to the armature. That said, unparenting makes no difference; the feet look fine in Edit mode, but twisted everywhere else.

I’ve no idea what happened, or how to rectify it, so here I am. Any suggestions or solutions would really be appreciated …


The bones of the armature are associated with the wrong vertex groups of the mesh. Select the armature and Ctrl+Tab into Pose Mode. Select the various bones to see what parts of the mesh are associated to what bones. Move/rotate the bones in Pose Mode to see if, for example, bones in the left foot are associated with vertices in the right foot.

When creating an armature in Blender, one usually (1) creates bones for the spine and head and then (2) enable X-axis mirror and Shift+E extrude bones for the arms and legs.

Thanks for the reply - problem solved. I played around with the various foot bones in Pose mode as you suggested, and eventually tried something I would have done last night if I hadn’t been half asleep - turned on Axes. One of the main control bones for the left foot - and consequently for the right, as I used Shift-D, S,X,0 - was upside down, so rotating the Z-axis from pointing down to pointing up did the trick.

So, whoever’s in charge, feel free to close this thread. Next time I’ll try to not avoid the obvious. :slight_smile: