Weird Normal Map Issue


I started “blending” almost 2 months ago and practiced modeling and animation.
Now i wanted to start with texturing and normal mapping and I´ve got some weird problem mith my normalmap.

When I render the animation the normal map seems to stay in place while the model is moving. It looks like the model is mirroring the normalmap.

I have uploaded an animation to demonstrate it:

I can also upload the blend file if needed.

Any idea?



have you UV unwrapped your model?
if so did you set the mapping to UV? if its generated or something else it would explain why its moving in unexpected directions :slight_smile:


I didn´t UV unwrap it.

I was hoping that it would work without UV unwrapping because I´m afraid that I won´t be abe to redo this nice scale placement as in this example. Espacially on the head.

trust me it will still work :slight_smile: what it does when you unwrap it is convert a 3d object into a 2d space. If you bake the sculpt after you have unwrapped it then it will keep the proper coordinates :slight_smile: only thing to bear in mind is you cant alter the basemesh too much otherwise it could have unusual side effects (though the same is true when sculpting) :slight_smile:

hope this helps :slight_smile:

I should say that the normal map wasn’t sculpted. I downloaded it.

ah okay, is it just a tiled texture?

Yes. I’ll upload the blend file if you need it but I’m not able to do it now.

if you can that will be helpful :slight_smile: you should be able to uv unwrap it in such a way but it may take some tweaking to get the scales where you want them. always try using a scale brush to sculpt them on and then bake the high res version?

Sorry for the late answer.

Here´s the file:

Sorry for the late answer.

Here´s the file:

Here´s the file

Here´s the file